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Jockstrap Prospective Microfiber

 78% Polyamide, 22% Elastane.

◉ There are times when having a tight fit to hold your special area is all that you are looking for. We have designed these mens jockstraps that exceed your expectations, resulting in a cooler experience than basic mens briefs.

◉ Our jockstrap underwear is the one you need for high-intensity sports. Pair them with uniforms, tight pants, or bike shorts.

◉ This mens jockstrap underwear features Unico pouch support®, the ideal complement to protect and keep the right temperature on your manhood.

◉ The waistband will keep our athletic jockstrap in its place, no matter what you do.

◉ The microfiber of these mens jockstraps allow you the flexibility you need to perform all your activities without feeling any discomfort.

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