Short Boxers Artesano Microfiber

70% Polyamide, 23% Polyester, 7% Elastane.

There are times where having a tight fit to hold your special area is all what you are looking for. and now that you are ready to set up your boxer briefs boys collection. we have selected boxers briefs for men that represent a great opportunity to drift away your everyday-look with pouch boxers briefs for men . Our Boxer Briefs Boys collecton balance both form and function by providing an ideal shape for practical purposes while getting a masculine look. We prepared these Boxers Briefs for Men for everyday wear and for those days when you just want to hang around the house watching Sports the whole day. Microfiber is the material used and can provide a variety of functional benefits. In this Boxer Briefs Boys collection we have the stretch-like fabric around the crotch area that accentuates the area while giving a good fit only achieved by our colombian underwear for men . Manly men not only think about just one feature when picking Boxer Briefs Boys Underwear. they want it all. that's why we have thought out a great pouch support for our pouch boxers briefs for men. because we just know and understand how important is an enhanced design for your boxer briefs.

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