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Athletic boxer made with soft fabrics. These offer better elasticity, fit and comfort that guarantee greater freedom to move.

Composition: XXXXXX
Fabric: xxx

Use: Sports
A garment made with fabrics that have the necessary resistance to carry out day-to-day movements without any restriction.
Perfect fit to the men´s body, this boxer is knee length . Durability over time, preserving its shape and bright colors.
Made with premium materials.Colombian brand
These athletic boxers have an elastic band with a firm structure that allows it to avoid bending while generating more security for those who wear it. It is also designed with the same PRINT of the garment to show it off better in each use.
Ball pounch UNICO: the constant use of the Unico cup helps prevent diseases such as spermatocele and hydrocele, as it helps maintain the ideal temperature in the male intimate a


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