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February 01, 2019


Modern men look for practical underwear that accomplishes their lifestyle.

The evolution of gentlemen’s wardrobe has offered them new horizons in their outfit. Nowadays, the style has become an important target, hence new terms about design, shapes, colors, prints, fabrics, and finishes. When talking about men’s underwear, Mundo Unico has undertaken the task of designing garments for men to perform like champions, no matter what they do. In other words, they can find the ideal boxers for every occasion.

We’re glad to show you three different men’s underwear categories with perfect features that adjust strikingly to every moment in a man’s life.


For your day-by-day routine

The main features of these designs are the comfort, softness and high water absorption. From sunrise until sunset, men will feel self-assured to run their errands. Feeling uncomfortable is a thing of the past, these boxers are designed to wear under any pair of jeans or pants. The goal is to move with freedom and ease.

For the office

Meetings, assemblies, and daily office tasks not only ask for comfort, but also for freshness and, certainly, for the perfect fit in the underwear. Virtues that turn into practical underwear’s shapes, made of smooth and breathable fabrics with timeless designs that magnificently match with modern executive outfits.


For the weekend

Time to clear your mind and have fun, and that includes practicing sports, going for a walk, spending time with your family, or simply switching off from your job. For those moments, Mundo Unico has designed boxers that provide freedom to please you as want while having a modern and sophisticated look on you. They feature vibrant colors, several prints, and different shapes.

For a night out

The night brings with it social events and amusement, likewise, underwear style comes up with exclusive, elegant, modern and, of course, very comfortable designs for these occasions. In this opportunity, we have designed these boxers to perfectly match with your night outfit. The look is not the only thing you’ll enjoy, but the functionality to feel comfortable all the time.

For special occasions

Our classic boxers are just the piece every man must have in his wardrobe. They’re ideal for those special moments due to the comfortable lightweight fabrics they are made of. They also offer an elegant and timeless design in which the color is the best presentation letter.

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